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2022-02-07 15:59:22: Welcome to the MintTON project! The first NFT for The Open Network, which allows future investors to earn money simply by having colorful and unique non-fungible tokens of our MintTON project in their collection. The name MintTON is a play on the words "mint" - to mint and "TON" - The Open Network. Our NFTs are minted on the TON blockchain. Another meaning of "mint" is mint, freshness. A fresh look at old things is always new discoveries and new horizons. Our Team sees great prospects for NFT in the TON blockchain for earning all project participants at any stage of entering the project. MintTON is not only a pun, it is a complete game on all mobile platforms. The author of the idea, inspired by the desire to promote NFT on the TON blockchain, built a great team of achievers, qulified and high-caliber employees. The Team includes a professional designer and animator, both with strong backgrounds, professional programmers and a marketing manager with years of experience in promoting Internet related projects. You will get to know them better a bit later. Follow the news, subscribe to the channel, invite friends through our proprietary bot. It will be fun and most importantly - it will be profitable!
2022-03-03 21:03:12: In order to stand firmly on the TONEarth🌍, we have got a cozy Island in the Ocean. You can find it by coordinates on the map. There we will hold events with exciting prizes.
2022-03-03 21:07:53: For the gameplay, our NFT will consist of several MintTON art. 👇 - this is the first art, a part of NFT
2022-03-03 21:07:59:
Today our project was posted in the NFC projects catalog on

With this event, we are making a small distribution.

Moscow was not built immediately...

It will be more interesting later.
2022-03-04 22:40:24: Today our project was posted in the NFC projects catalog on With this event, we are making a small distribution. Moscow was not built immediately... It will be more interesting later.
2022-03-07 10:36:19: A weekend digest from our friends TON Earth 🌎
2022-03-07 10:36:45: #Дайждест выходного дня! ⚡️ 1. MintTON Первый NFT для The Open Network, который позволяет будущим инвесторам зарабатывать, на игровом процессе (play-to-earn) Участки: №9319 2. Hello NFT Отрисованные вручную аниме-арты красивых девочек, которые полностью уникальны и каждая несёт в себе определённую эстетическую и смысловую ценность. Участки: №3194 3. Ton Penguin 3,333 пингвина, каждый из которых обладает уникальными характеристиками и разными чертами. Участки: №4264 4. TonPotato Будем картошку сажать Коллекция из 1000 пиксельных картофелин расположенных на блокчейне Ton. Участки: №5234 👇 Напишите нам внизу, кто еще должен поселиться в нашем мире? 💻Карта | Сайт | Бот | | GetGems | Discord | Twitter | Instagram | TikTok📲 @TONEarth
2022-03-07 10:39:57: A welcome paycheck for the new subscribers 👇
2022-03-07 10:40:06: Мультичек на 5 TON ($8.25). Сумма одного чека: 0.1 TON ($0.17) Количество активаций: 50 💬 Привет от MintTON💎
2022-03-07 13:16:16: Guys, while the final edits are being made to the next art in our collection, we had some free time, and we decided to prepare a review for the unique TON Earth project, in the digest of which we were recently included. The work used a slightly modified algorithm for analyzing NFC projects by Kirill Filimonov from Give TON!
2022-03-07 13:40:15: Review on the TON Earth NFT Project Channel Web-site Bot Discord Twitter Tiktok Instagram Marketplaces Getgems (5th place, balance over 15,000 TON) "TON Earth is the first virtual world inspired by the metaverse using The Open Network blockchain. Buy, sell, rent, travel, collect and meet other users." TON Earth is an analogue of well-known projects and The TON Earth international team employs 4 people of the main staff: Ivailo Popov (@IvailoPopov, CEO, developer with 8 years of experience, Bulgaria) Joshua (developer with 20 years of experience, USA) Mark (@markdarkov, marketer, Russia) Anna (@aya_melon, Creative Director, Russia) and freelancers: bot developer Mikhail Dobrev (Bulgaria) The author of the project, Ivaylo Popov, is engaged in web development and is deeply immersed in the topic of blockchain, as evidenced by the first place he received in the non-technical competition "Explanation of blockchain". The first stream with the project participants took place on February 21, 2022. The frontmen of the team (Ivaylo and Mark) openly and confidently answered all the questions of the participants. Unlike the huge mass of NFT projects that offer graphic images for purchase first, and then begin to work on their practical applicability, this project offers integration of its NFTS into its services immediately. The goal of the project is to create a full-fledged metaverse of The Open Network with the ability to interact with other participants, including through a browser game. Moreover, the game is not the main goal. The team plans to develop additional options that will bring income to the owners of the plots. The NFT (token) of the TON Earth project is a plot of land, a house, a room, a car, a boat and a yacht, an airship and collectibles of the project (with the possibility of introducing NFT collections from other projects). Currently, only the possibility of acquiring a plot of land has been realized. No well-formed roadmap was found. There is only a plan that contains information about the gradual saturation of the project with other NFTs (house, room, car, boat, etc.). The project has developed too rapidly even for the developers themselves. The comment of the author of the project: "The roadmap has been formed, but now there are no deadlines, since there is no NFT standard, when we can add deadlines. And then if, say, they will be at home in a week, and there is no NFT standard, people will not believe 😄." The team did not conduct presales, sales began immediately after the start of the project. Prices for plots vary from 5 to 15 TON (depending on access to water), which is extremely small for a project of this scale, relative to other NFT projects that have no practical or aesthetic value. At the moment (March 7, 2022), 2839 of 3636 plots have been sold since the start of sales. Currently, prices have risen by 2.5 TON. TONEarth does not need additional investments, the available budget is sufficient for further development. According to the author of the project, no major withdrawals are made from the project account. It is also provided to receive a free NFT through the referral program. For 10 invitees, a person receives a random plot of property, the value of which is similar to that acquired for a TON. The referral program is one-time, the issuance of more than 1 site per account is not provided. There are cases when users received the most expensive plots through the referral system, which cost 15 TON on sale. A total of 530 sites have been distributed under the referral program and it has already been completed. The mechanics of acquiring NFT are implemented very conveniently. The user selects the plot of interest and pays for it through TONEarthBot and CryptoBot. Information about all purchases is stored in TONEarthBot. In the future, it is planned to connect payments from native wallets.
2022-03-07 13:52:52: The bot and the biome map not finalized yet, but the team is putting long hours and corrects all the defects. Developers personally advise users on all issues that arise. The team supports constant attention to the project with practical jokes and events. TONEarth actively cooperates with other NFT projects. FollowDragons, WeTON, Toned Ape Club, Ton Hamsters, BITON, Wall-Street HedgeHogs, Nature Science have already purchased plots for themselves and plan to develop their ecosystem on them. The list is updated daily with new projects. The distribution of multichecks for small amounts is also present in terms of attracting attention to the project. Sales statistics contain information about the number and location areas of the plots. Given that in these statistics there is an indication that "ORDINARY" plots are available for sale, then most likely in the near future there will be "unusual" plots that are not yet for sale. The comment of the author of the project: About "ordinary" it was meant that these sites do not have access to water. And those who have access to the ocean or lake are "unusual". The plots excluded from the sale make up approximately 45% of the existing array. Probably, these are stocks for future influencers and large investors or for the second wave of sales at a higher price. One of the novelties of the project is the rating of landholders by the number of possessions. The largest holder owns 251 plots. In total, TON Earth has more than 814 unique buyers and 10367 users who have activated the bot of the TON Earth project. The team has organized a channel with a paid subscription for developers, in which issues of introducing new services and improving the existing functionality of the project are discussed. The organizers returned the payment (1 TON) to the first 50 subscribers of the paid channel. In general, the TON Earth project is interesting and promising, and it is only a matter of time until larger and well-known NFT projects are eager to cooperate with it. Evaluation of the TONEarth project according to investment security criteria. 0 – no 1 - not sure 2 - yes 1. Who is behind the project - 2 2. Projects beyond TON - 2 3. Risk of loss of trust in other projects - 2 4. Activity of the organizers - 2 5. Own investments - 2 6. Mention in the official TON community - 0 7. Projects within TON - 0 8. Degree of project development - 1 9. Creativity - 2 10. Partnership - 2 11. Interest in a long-term project - 2 12. Quality Roadmap - 1 13. The advantage of owning TONEarth - 2 Total 20. The maximum rating is 26 (where it is worth investing), 17-25 (can be considered for investment), 11-16 (special attention is required), 0-10 (categorically not).
The work is in full swing!

All holidays and weekends artists painted the next art.

We had a look on their work and are in a hurry to show a few sketches that will soon be shown in the final performance.
2022-03-08 19:06:42: The work is in full swing! All holidays and weekends artists painted the next art. We had a look on their work and are in a hurry to show a few sketches that will soon be shown in the final performance.
2022-03-09 18:24:52: Every member of the TON community knows what steaking is and where it is possible successfully to take part in order to get the maximum profit from this event. Such projects are (the list may not be complete): 1. TON.CAT (Russian TON) sending to the validator. 2. TON.SAT purchase of NFT Rich Cats or purchase of NFT from the Tegro.Money payment system. 3. TON Whales. 4. TonKittens Nominator Pool from TonUniverse mining pool. 5. BITON and sending them to the staking bot or through the purchase of PLANETS NFT. The profitability from staking is 13.3-82%. Today, a new additional type of income TON farming was announced. Biswap, one of the largest decentralized platforms in the world, has added the possibility of TON farming. Farming is a way of earning money, in which participants of liquidity pools receive additional income in the native token of the exchange. The potential profitability from farming is about 34%. The mechanics of our project allows NFT MintTON holders to receive a guaranteed income of up to 45% of each player's donation. Soon we will start forming a WhiteList, whose participants will be the first to learn the details of the gameplay and will be able to take part in the first presale. The number of WL seats is limited to 95 participants. In the meantime, we present our next art (parts of NFT MintTON). If we compare some details very carefully from the available information about MintTON, then we can roughly guess what kind of symbiosis we have come up with.
2022-03-09 18:30:21:
Welcome future holders and players!

The moment of the smart contract release is approaching! And we are also preparing for this.

Today Minton is located on another promising marketplace TONMarket.
2022-04-10 11:53:59: Welcome future holders and players! The moment of the smart contract release is approaching! And we are also preparing for this. Today Minton is located on another promising marketplace TONMarket.