Confess ur feelings

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Confess ur feelings
2022-09-26 08:29:08: @confess_your_feelings
2022-09-26 08:29:12: Resisting the urge to laugh whenever something bad happens bc Idk how to deal with negative emotions @confess_your_feelings
2022-09-26 08:29:27: Let's play hide and seek, except we're all the seekers and we're trying to find where my will to live went @confess_your_feelings
2022-09-26 08:30:21: Memes 🤺
2022-09-26 08:40:11: @confess_your_feelings
2022-09-28 13:49:08: Some students sacrifice their mental health to have the best grade Not me tho y'all stay safe @confess_your_feelings
2022-09-28 13:49:08: I've been mirroring personalities of every person I've ever encountered that now I have no idea who I am as a person @confess_your_feelings
2022-09-28 13:49:28:
2022-09-28 13:51:38: @confess_your_feelings
2022-09-28 13:51:57: •☔️• Ah Whatever goes around Eventually comes back to you So you gotta be careful, baby And look both ways Before you cross my mind Did you ever wonder? Yeah, do you ever wonder What he might be going through? On his own and The demons that he's facing alone I hate that sometimes I can't go home And it ain't just the same on the phone, no But everybody's gotta go on Don't they? (Yes, we do, baby) So if you need a hero (if you need a hero) Just look in the mirror (just look in the mirror) No one's gonna save you now So you better save yourself And everybody's hurting Everybody's going through it But you just can't give up now 'Cause you gotta save yourself @confess_your_feelings
2022-09-28 13:52:46: Little miss failure