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2020-06-16 15:15:39: 🙏 W12 has helped create another website for the “Social Factor. Kids “ Project ✔️ The website of the "Social Factor. Kids" project : https://deti.ano-socfactor.ru/en/ This project involves the creation of an intel-hub in Moscow - an online platform for teaching regional curators best practices for using educational games in socially oriented education projects, and the introduction of special software for remote hosting of educational games competitions. Target programs of the project: 👉 Help for children in institutions https://deti.ano-socfactor.ru/en/program/id/2540/pid/3/ 👉Talk to me https://deti.ano-socfactor.ru/en/program/id/2540/pid/1/ 👉 Parent University https://deti.ano-socfactor.ru/en/program/id/2540/pid/2/ 👉 Prevention of social orphanhood https://deti.ano-socfactor.ru/en/program/id/2540/pid/4/