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2022-11-14 08:01:01: NSA Guidance on How to Protect Against Software Memory Safety Issues
2022-11-14 08:03:55: SharpGmailC2 Our Friendly Gmail will act as Server and implant will exfiltrate data via smtp and will read commands from C2 (Gmail) via imap protocol
2022-11-15 11:42:40: Phishing campaigns continue to grow more common globally, with over one million attacks observed in Q2 2022 They offer an easy and attractive way for cybercriminals to generate revenue, steal credentials and spread malware. Many sophisticated phishing kits have been developed. Some of these are sold on underground forums using a Malware-as-a-Service model, while others are used exclusively by a single threat actor group. Some cybercriminals also offer lead generation services, selling packages of clicks to fraudulent sites...
2022-11-15 15:02:31:
2022-11-16 12:21:02: Top 12 Advanced Git Commands To Know
2022-11-16 17:20:15: Stealing passwords from infosec Mastodon - without bypassing CSP
2022-11-16 17:22:47: OWASP API Top 10 (2019)
2022-11-17 04:59:01: Build Apps in Deno with Frameworks such as React, Vue, Express, and more.
2022-11-18 12:52:40: I Love Vue
2022-11-21 05:55:54: Build and Deploy a Node.js Microservices Application
2022-11-23 06:06:42: Home Grown Red Team: Lateral Movement With Havoc C2 And Microsoft EDR
2022-11-23 06:07:42: Nighthawk: An Up-and-Coming Pentest Tool Likely to Gain Threat Actor Notice
2022-11-23 10:30:41: 7 Microservice Design Patterns To Use
2022-11-23 13:28:08: Infrastructure Resilience Planning Framework (IRPF) The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has developed the Infrastructure Resilience Planning Framework (IRPF) to enable the incorporation of security and resilience considerations in critical infrastructure planning and investment decisions. NOVEMBER 2022 | VERSION 1.1:
2022-11-24 01:52:14: Hermit: Deterministic Linux for Controlled Testing and Software Bug-finding
2022-11-24 04:47:13: CVE-2021-40662 Chamilo LMS 1.11.14 RCE This article is about my third CVE that I got for finding a Remote Code Execution in a popular Learning Management Software named “Chamilo LMS”.
2022-11-24 10:09:35: